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CBDs Newest Arrivals

Nature in a bottle

Your best self is well rested, pain free, anxiety free, and relaxed.

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Plant Power

CBD Health Benefits

Food is Medicine

Our mission is to provide natural products that work with your body to supplement your health and well being. We believe that nature's bounty should be shared with the world at an affordable price, and we exist to meet the growing demand for those exploring holistic, botanical based supplements to improve their everyday lives. 

CBD Terpenes Infographic

Terpenes and the Entourage Effect

The word "terpene" is a catch-all term for other compounds extracted from the hemp plant. These terpenes are reported to enhance the effect of CBD, which is known as the entourage effect. Our CBD extract contains a variety of beneficial terpenes, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Terpenes are also found in many different plant species, and have their own beneficial effects.

Our Golden Hempseed Formula

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CBD Golden Hempseed Formula

With our golden hempseed formula, the sweet and nutty hemp hearts are extracted from the bitter shells before extracting the oils. This ensures a rich and smooth flavor.


Hemplus One's proprietary formula is an extra step in the manufacturing process that we perform to benefit our customers. This is not a common practice for our competitors. 

Hemplus One: Built Different

Why Hemplus One?

Our CBD extracts are non-GMO and made from certified organic hemp plants grown in the United States. Third party testing provides transparent lab results that prove the purity and potency of our products.

About Hemplus One CBD Company
Benefits of Hemplus One CBD
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 Purse not included 

Meet the Mini

You spoke, we listened!

 Our new Mini Lotion packs the same punch as the original 8oz bottle. Each mini now contains 2oz of the Hemplus One lotion you love in an easy to carry container. 

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