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What is Recovery and Why Should We Care?

It's common to feel sore after a workout because of the effort you put in. Microtears in your muscles are frequently caused by intensive exercise, such as a long run or a CrossFit session. If you've worked out longer or harder than normal, it's important to consider a post workout recovery. A fast recovery will minimize soreness, and help you maintain a consistent fitness routine.

When your muscles sustain microscopic damage, white blood cells rush to the scene to repair and strengthen them. This is referred to as inflammation. It is the immune system's response to tissue restoration

Inflammation Causes

Exercise-induced inflammation can occur after a strenuous workout. Weight-bearing exercises such as running and weight-lifting are known to cause inflammation. Low-impact exercise, such as walking, can cause inflammation if your body isn't used to it.

Inflammation activates pain receptors, signaling that it is time to rest. You can still exercise by doing low-impact activities like walking or swimming. However, strenuous exercise on a regular basis without adequate rest can lead to chronic inflammation.

Why Inflammation Matters

Inflammation can be beneficial because it is the process by which your body repairs and strengthens your muscles. However, chronic exercise-induced inflammation can cause long-term health problems.

Rest is essential for your body's recovery from inflammation. According to an NBC News report from 2019, not allowing your muscles to repair increases your risk of injury. You may not be able to see your exercise goals if you don't get enough rest and recover from inflammation in your muscles.

There are, thankfully, healthy ways to manage exercise-induced inflammation.

CBD vs Inflammation

CBD has been shown in numerous studies to reduce exercise-induced inflammation. Athletes and personal trainers frequently use CBD, or Cannabidiol, for muscle recovery.

Cannabinoids suppress inflammatory response, which shortens recovery time and relieves exercise-induced tissue inflammation, according to a study published in "Future Medicinal Chemistry."

Another 2018 review of 132 published studies in the journal "Frontiers in Neurology" discovered that CBD improves mobility and reduces discomfort.

CBD and Reducing Inflammation

CBD communicates with the body via the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is a receptor system that controls processes that help you maintain a healthy balance, such as sleep, relaxation, and cognition.

How does this affect your fitness and post-workout recovery?

The ECS supports your immune system, using CBD to treat exercise-induced inflammation. CBD stimulates the ECS to regulate the production of inflammatory chemical messengers. It promotes healthy recovery, which can help you return to the gym faster and stick to your workout routine.

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